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Product Design

Design Phase

Upon being briefed with your product visions as well as your company values and brand image, the team at SFB will begin creating graphic concepts and mock-ups. 

We will provide feedback on your guidelines whilst taking your input on our designs into close consideration to achieve the best possible result. 

Product Design

Prototype Phase

Once a design is finalised, we will start to create physical prototypes with materials of interest. This stage eliminates risk of unnecessary cost on your end whilst guaranteeing top quality on ours.

All prototypes will be run by you so we can come to a decision on the materials and design you should go forward with. You will be apart of every process from  graphic designs to even labelling materials.

Product Design

Manufacturing Phase

As soon as your company is content with both the designs and the prototypes we will finalise production details - from the amount of products needed to be manufactured to the cost per product.

These details will also be discussed beforehand to establish effective pricing plans and profit margins for you to operate under.

Whilst in this stage, you will receive consistent updates from our factories/production facilities reassuring you your product lines are in order

Launch Phase

Upon delivery of the product line, SolutionForBrands continue to work with you. Our industry knowledge and experience has put us in a position to help in propelling your business to new heights.

By establishing promotional campaigns across your sales channels, effectively uploading products to your website with conversion strategies and putting forth solutions relevant to your brand, SFB will ensure you take full advantage of the opportunities available.


Our packaging design process here at SFB is tailored to fulfil a wide range of functions based on your product and business model. We not only strive on developing an aesthetically pleasing design, we ensure the functional element to your packaging has also been considered.

Packaging Design

Experts at solution for brands put themselves in the shoes of both the company and the customer- ensuring the end product is one which can be easily brought to life and pleases your target audience.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Packaging Design
Packaging Design
Packaging Design

Quality Assurance

SFB eliminate any risk before package designs are brought to production. Our teams ensure measurements are accurate on our dedicated software's so packages are ready for mass printing processes.

Pushing The Package

Graphic renders of the final product are created not only to finalise the design, but for promotional purposes across your sales channels.

SolutionForBrands will provide the resources needed to bring bring designs to life whilst also ensuring they land in the hands of wholesale and retail customers. 

Final Product

As part of our complete packaging solution, SFB can produce required quantity of packaging for any product. You name it, we'll pack it!


We ensure top quality and full transparency by keeping you aware of all variables involved in packaging design and production. 

Whether it be colours and graphics or delivery and materials - we keep you in the know every step of the way.

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