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  • data-driven demand forecasting

SFB automate your demand forecast strategy by predicting the number of product lines you will sell, transfer or use during a specific time period. Demand forecasting is the process of preparing future operations based on customer data and API's.  

Implementing data-driven demand strategies for your system will grant additional purchasing power to your buying team as they will gain an in-depth insight on when a customer is going to purchase a product or service from your company and what that product may be. 

  • streamlined communication

Why have your team repeat tedious tasks manually when our streamline automation process can set up customised rules to automate time-consuming workflows, from order fulfilment and inventory allocation to shipping and accounting.

  • product performance analysis

Product performance analysis allows your company to spot trends, quickly pick up best-selling and poor performing products based on metrics such as the order volume, revenue, margin and CLV (Customer Life-time Value). Combining data from across all your sales channels. This will result in you being able to create and supply products tailored to the needs of your target market, enabling a clear understanding of what sells and what doesn't.


  • why you should have pos

Electronic POS system streamline retail operations by making all transactions automatic which makes easier for the business to manage and easier for the customers to use this helps in tracking the sales data. It also helps the business track pricing accuracy which allows the business to adjust prices to match their target audience spending which can help generate more sales. Electronic POS also helps in monitoring inventory changes as when items are out of stock the business can act on restocking the product and updating is on the website.

  • Managing Sales Patterns

Electronic POS system helps businesses mange sales patterns meaning that they can check their products and see insights on whether the product is profiting the business and how many sales each product is generating. POS helps with tracking and managing gross revenue this assists businesses in recognising pricing or cash flow inconsistencies that could result in a loss of profit or interrupt sales.

  • POS Features

At SFB we can program your POS system to help manage membership-based payments. As we can program the POS system to offer Awards points and discounts for regular customers.

At SFB we also offer a cloud based POS system which is very beneficial for large businesses as this helps with the tracking and processing of a high volume of purchases.

Booking System

  • optimised calendars 

SFB eliminate the manual aspect of your bookings. By taking it online with our automated systems you no longer need to worry about scheduling or alerting customers. With our integrated email solutions we enable you to automatically update your customers on business operations.

  • payment processors 

We ensure your interactions with clients are as smooth as possible. Whether you operate on payment processors like stripe or PayPal or prefer the Point-Of-Sale system approach in person, SFB have you covered.

  • customising consumer experience

SolutionForBrands streamline design, data and technology to provide a personalised user experience by enabling you to offer memberships, coupons and gift cards. This solution leaves your customers having a closer relationship with your brand whilst you collect essential data to further enhance sales strategies through the likes of Email/SMS marketing. 

Ticket Systems

  • paperless

Our Electronic Ticket solution removes the need to manually collect and dispose of individual paper tickets. As specialists in streamlining data, SFB allow you to direct future events and promotions with effective strategies based on numbers produced by your company through ticket sale and collection. 

  • communication and promotion

Whilst maximising security, the E-Ticket solution allows for a smoother customer experience as you are able to directly communicate and promote to entrants via Email/SMS and eliminate the need for manual labour in many stages of the ticket collection process. 

  • collect analytics 

Whether you decide on keeping your ticket system online, offline or both SFB allow your company to collect crucial data. You will be able to monitor site traffic, bookings and promotions from one database accessible on all platforms. 

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