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Why SFB?

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Since the beginning of the new millennium, the world has witnessed the emergence of social media, smartphones and E-commerce allowing 24 million businesses the opportunity to able to buy or sell a product/service from almost anywhere in the world.


As the years go on Human intervention is minimal and the huge leaps in automation technology has comprised all processes involved in running a business to be as efficient as possible.


We at Solution For Brands aim to not only turn your concept in to reality, by implementing effective design.

We also streamline systems empowering you to run your business with access to the internet and a laptop.

When we merge design and technology there is no limits to how big you can take your concept.

Our Story

The ambition behind this ‘brand for brands’ began with our three founders indulging in their interests to develop skillsets of the future.

They realised the expertise they built across multiple industries laid the foundations for other businesses around the world to grow.


Web development was the first field which triggered their minds to carry out the vision which has now paved the way for many businesses to be successful online.

However, it didn’t start with them creating websites for others, rather themselves. This is where their interests in other industries came into the picture as they went online with their personal business ideas, one of which is still succeeding today: Ottenerlo – a clothing brand crafting premium quality garments at affordable prices.

As the world got hit with the pandemic and ecommerce sales increased by $244.2 billion in 2020, our founders realised the importance of taking business online.

They began helping small businesses launch their online identities during the pandemic whilst working closely with them. During this process they identified other issues businesses were running into due to the state of the economy and formulated solutions.

Many of the solutions the team at SFB brought forward fell into web/app development, packaging production, marketing, manufacturing and online systems.

We now specialise in these sectors and more, but that’s how the story began. From the emergence of global catastrophe we began aiding businesses in achieving the ultimate goal of growth and never stopped.

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